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        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;   Executive summary      =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =     I

1 = ;            &n= bsp;        Introduction     =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;   1

1.1            &n= bsp;      Purpose of the Report            = ;            &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;  1

1.2            &n= bsp;      Key Contact Information            =             &nb= sp;            =         2

2        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p; Environmental Status           &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;            =    3

2.1            &n= bsp;      Project Area = ;            &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;         <= !--[if supportFields]> PAGEREF _Toc180225334 \h 3

2.2            &n= bsp;      Environmental Sensitive Receivers        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;     3

2.3            &n= bsp;      Major Construction Activities            =             &nb= sp;         PAGEREF _Toc180225336 \h 3

2.4            &n= bsp;      Monitoring Schedule of The Reporting Period      3

2.5            &n= bsp;      Status of Environmental Approval Documents      3

2.6            &n= bsp;      Community Liaison Group Meeting        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;     4

2.7            &n= bsp;      Summary of non-compliance with the environmental quality performance limits   = ;            &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;            = ;     5

3        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p; Environmental Issues and Actions     =             &nb= sp;        6

3.1            &n= bsp;      Previous Environmental Deficiencies and Follow-up Actions   PAGEREF _Toc180225342 \h 6

3.2            &n= bsp;      Implementation Status on Environmental Protection Requirements     7

3.3            &n= bsp;      Environmental Monitoring            =             &nb= sp;            =    7

4        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p; Future Key Issues and Conclusion=            &nb= sp;            =     9

4.1            &n= bsp;      Key Issues for the Next Reporting Period        &= nbsp;   9

4.2            &n= bsp;      Impact Prediction for the Next Reporting Period         = 9

4.3            &n= bsp;      Works and Monitoring Schedule for the Next Report= ing Period     9

4.4            &n= bsp;      Conclusion &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            9



Table 1.1 =    Contact Information

Table 2.1    <= /span>Summary of Works Undertaken During the Reporting Period

Table 2.2    Summary of Environmental Licensing, Notification and Permit Status

Table 3.1    Environmental Deficiencies (Observation= s) from Site Inspections during Reporting Period

Table 3.2    Results of Water Discharge Sampling



Annex A=     Water Quality Monitoring Stations, Water Quality and Ecological Sensitive Receivers

Annex B=      Project Location<= o:p>

Annex C=     Implementation Programm= e of Mitigation Measures

Annex D=     Cumulative Complaints Statistics     &nb= sp;            =             <= o:p>


The construction works for the Perm= anent Aviation Fuel Facility resumed on 9th July 2007.  This third quarterly Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) report presents the EM&A works carried out during the period from 9th July to 30th September 2007 in accordance with the EM&A Manual.

Breaches of all Action and Limit Levels

No breaches of action or limit leve= ls occurred during the reporting period as no monitoring was undertaken. 

Complaint Log

No environmental complaint was rece= ived during the reporting period.

Notifications of any Summons and Successful Prosecutions

No envi= ronmental summon or prosecutions was received in this reporting period.

Reporting Changes

There w= ere no reporting changes in the reporting period.=  

Future Key Issues


·       Arrangements for Baseline= Water Quality Monitoring for the commencement of dredging works;

·       Capability of temporary drainage system to properly collect, treat and dispose of site runoff;

·       Dust release and suppress= ion.

1         &n= bsp;            = ;            &n= bsp;         Introduction

Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited (LCAL) has appointed ERM= -Hong Kong, Limited (ERM) as the Environmental Team (ET) to implement the Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) programme for the Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility (the Project) during construction works. 

The construction works for PAFF com= menced in November 2005 based upon the previous EIA (EIAO Register Number AEIAR-062-2002) conducted and the Environmental Permit EP-139/2002 granted = on the 28th August 2002.  Due to minor changes to the detailed layout of the site and the site boundary, application for Variation to the Environmental Permit (VEP) (VEP-133/2004) was submitted to the Director of Environmental Protection (D= EP) for approval.  The variation t= o the EP (EP-139/2002/A) was granted by EPD in February 2004.

However, the decision by EPD to gra= nt the above Environmental Permit was subject to a Judicial Review.  The Judicial Review sided in the f= avour of the DEP, as did the subsequent Judgement from the Court of Appeal from t= he High Court for Judicial Review in March 2005.  However, the DEP’s decision = to grant the EP was quashed by the Judgement of the Court of Final Appeal of J= uly 2006.

The construction works were stopped following the Judgement of the Court of Final Appeal of July 2006.  As such, in order to continue with= the construction of the project, the project went through the statutory procedu= res under the EIAO again with a new design in order to obtain an environmental permit.  The revised EIA was submitted in 2007 and the environmental permit (EP-262/2007) was granted in= May 2007.

The construction works and EM&A requirements resumed on 9th July 2007 following the latest requirements of the EP-262/2007 and EM&A Manual.  Details regarding the EM&A requirements and changes should refer to the updated EM&A Manual.  For the marine works, all piling activities were completed before the previous suspension of construction wo= rks in 2006.

1.1&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Purpose of the Report

This is the third EM&A Report which summarizes the monitoring results a= nd audit findings for the EM&A programme during the reporting period from = 9th July to 30th September 2007.

1.2&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Key Contact Information

Key contact information of the Proj= ect is presented in Table 1.1.

Table= 1.1         = Contact Information






Airport Authority Hong Kong – Environmental Permit Holder

Mr Amin Ebrahim

Assistant General Manager Aviat= ion Logistics

2183 3108

2824 2786


Contractor – Leighton = (Asia) Construction Limited

Brian Gillon

Project Director

2823 1111

2529 8784


Franchisee’s Site Repr= esentative – ECO Aviation Fuel Development Limited

Philip Siu

Franchisee’s Site Representative

2963 2820

2563 6311


Environmental Team – E= RM-Hong Kong Limited

Craig Reid

Environmental Team Leader

2271 3000

2723 5660


Independent Environmental Ch= ecker – Hyder Consulting Limited

Dr = Guiyi Li

Independent Environmental Check= er

2911 2233

2805 5028


&nbs= p;

2      =             &nb= sp;            =              Environmental Status

2.1&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Project Area

The project area is in Area 38 of T= uen Mun and the pipelines are located in Urmston Road between Tuen Mun Area 38 and Sha Chau.  The site is illustrated in Annex B= .

2.2&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Environmental Sensitive Receivers

No air and noise sensitive receiver= s were identified close to the project area.  However, water sensitive receivers and ecological sensitive receivers were identified in the EIA study, and are shown in Annex A= .

2.3&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Major Construction Activities

A summary of the major works undert= aken in this reporting period is shown in Table 2= .1. 

Table 2.1         Summary of Works Undertaken During the Reporting Period


Works undertaken

Tuen Mun Area 38

Tank Farm and Bund Wall Construction<= /p>

Permanent Drainage Construction

Operational & Fire Services Buildings Construction<= o:p>

Minor Jetty Works (Non-piling)

Site Investigation

2.4&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Monitoring Schedule of The Reporting Period

No monitoring was conducted during the reporting period.  Water monitoring is expected to co= mmence towards October 2007.

= 2.5      =             &nb= sp;            =        Status of Environmental Approval Documents=

A summary of the relevant permits, licences, and/or notifications on environmental protection for this Project= since July 2007 is presented in Table 2.2. 

Table 2.2   &nb= sp;     Summary of Environmental Licensing, Notification and Permit Status

Permit/ Licenses/ Notification


Validity Period=


Environm= ental Permit

EP-262/2= 007

Througho= ut Project

Issued o= n 31 May 2007 (EP-139/2002 originally granted on 28 August 2002 and EP-139/2002/A granted on 24 February 2004 were superseded)

&nb= sp;

Chemical= Waste Producer Registration

&nb= sp;

WPN 5111-421-L2174-25

Througho= ut Project

Issued o= n 10 November 2005

Notifica= tion of Construction Works under Air Pollution Control (Construction Dust) Regula= tion

&nb= sp;

H2104/U1= D/5542/DG/DH/PL

&nb= sp;

Througho= ut Project

Notifica= tion on 6 July 2007

Construc= tion Noise Permit

GW-RW037= 2-07

25 July = 2007 to

24 Janua= ry 2008

&nb= sp;

For air compressors, breakers, excavators, wheeled loaders, mobile cranes, concre= te lorry mixers, hand-held pokers, bar benders/cutters, wood saws, grinders, submarine water pump, lorries with crane, dump trucks, rollers, ventilati= on fans and generators

&nb= sp;

&nb= sp;

GW-RW042= 7-07

28 Augus= t 2007 to 27 February 2008

For conc= rete pump derrick barges, hand-held grinders, generators, air compressors, bor= ing machines, water pumps, tug boat, grout mixers and grout pumps<= /span>

Wastewat= er Discharge License

EP760/42= 1/011399/l

15 March 2006 to 31 March 2011<= /o:p>

Issued o= n 15 March 2006

2.6&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Community Liaison Group Meeting=

According to the EP requirements, a Community Liaison Group (CLG) shall be established within three months after commencement of construction of the Project.  The major duty of CLG is to advise= on and monitor the proper design, construction and operation of the Project.  The CLG comprises representatives = from Airport Authority, members of Tuen Mun community and academics.  The first CLG meeting cum site visi= t was held on 27 July 2007.  =

The details of PAFF CLG (including Membership and its Terms of Reference) and the meeting minutes can be found= on the Project website (www.paffhk.com).


2.7      =             &nb= sp;            =        Summary of non-compliance with the environmental quality performance limits

Summary of Environm= ental Non-compliance

No environmental non-compliance was= found during the reporting period.

Summary of Environm= ental Complaints

No environment= al complaint was received during the reporting period.  A statistical summary of environme= ntal complaints since project commencement is presented in Annex D.

Summary of Environm= ental Summons

No summons was received in this rep= orting period.  A statistical summary= of legal proceeding since project commencement is presented in Annex D.

3      =             &nb= sp;            =              Environmental Issues and Actions

3.1&= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;            Previous Environmental Deficiencies and Follow-up Actions

As no environmental complaint was rece= ived over the last reporting period, no follow-up action was required.

Weekly site inspections were carried o= ut by the ET on 12th, 19th and 25th July, 2= nd, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th August= and 6th, 13th, 19th and 24th Septem= ber 2007.  Overall, the site was in good orde= rly manner and no non-compliance was found.&nb= sp; Environmental deficiencies and follow-up actions/mitigation measures were identified during the inspections and summarised in Table 3.1.

Table 31320018105_EM&AR_3rd Quarterly_Oct07.doc        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;      7 August 2007



Environmental Resources Management        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;       Leighton Contractors (Asia) Limited

        &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;        



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